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Forum evils

15. Juni 2002

The evil post counter

Forums consist of other people, not professionals or game developers. You might read a lot of baka (baka is foolish in japanese) in forums. Usually there are 90% "dumb" people and 10% professionals, but this varies greately from forum to forum. People with 1000 posts and above usually only posts small and most times useless (in comparison to informative and intelligent and long) messages.

Hey Mr. Poster this is a discussion forum not an AOL chat!

They almost "live" in these forums and do nothing but getting the same information and environment all the time, making them pretty stupid after their 1500ed post. No, the "post counter" is good for nothing but encouraging people to almost spam the forum and post a lot of short, unintelligent (least possible thoughts about each message) and maybe even annoying messages.

This was the bad part of a forum, in the worst possible perspective. As you now know this, I hope you will think twice before you enable the message counter or post a message, u scum.


Happy birthday from a bot

Hello darkultra,

We at Peer Evolution Forums would like to wish you a happy birthday today!

well gee! Happy Birthday from a script! Can it get more plush?

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