800px width, 96ppi

Here are icons I've made. Search www.neowin.net/forum for more.
Download them all here (not updated).

Vista is RTM, and it's icons are special 256x256 PNG compressed .ico files, I'll try update these icons one day *fun* *gay* (stop hacking me pls)

more at neowin:

Use uTorrent.ico for your shortcut.
Vista version

And the torrent file icon that matches the uTorrent icon.
Vista version

A nicer shortcut overlay for your shortcuts.
Vista version

A speaker icon that can be used with a music playing program.
Vista version

StarCraft icon made in lightwave and shadowed in Photoshop.

I made this for a harddisk temperature program.

Mailwasher icon. The website has a nice soapy logo but the program icon is dreadfully ugly.
Vista version

Icon for BulletProof FTP.
Vista version

AudioGalaxy is no more, but my icon still rules them all knegg.

Windows XP is very new, so most applications don't have nice anti-aliased and shadowed icons for them yet. So far I have made these icons to temporary replace them. You have to use Windows XP and be in 32bit color depth.

Resource Hacker can be used to edit the program files so you get a nice AA icon in the task bar also. Note: won't work with all programs.

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