HDMI dummy signal generator for X-Fi HomeTheater HD

HDMI dummy signal snuggle logoI bought a cheap media player with HDMI output capability, and it works perfectly with the Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD. Without you would have to provide the dummy signal from you graphics card, and that meant having an emtpy screen area your mouse could dissapear to. Since the hdmi signal is always on, this solution has the added benefit that you hear the Windows startup and logon sounds. I have not yet tested DTS, DD or DTS Master HD.

The media player I used is a BaiYuYi Mini Hdmi Media Player. An Altona AT-HDVIEW should work and the Raspberry Pi. The BaiYuYi does not turn off the display or shut down after a certain time, it is on all the time.

Warning: this media player does not support HDCP so you won’t be able to pass-through DTS-MA or DD TrueHD, but you can decode the audio with the player and send uncompressed 8 channel PCM through.  Continue reading

XSPC RayStorm angled leds and braided sleeving

XSPC RayStorm with braided sleeving

If I use 3/8″ x 1/2″ compression fittings  I can fit 5/16″ ID, 7/16″ OD (8mm ID, 11mm OD) Tygon tubing and non-fray braided sleeving in them. It creates a clean look, and I can tighten the caps without twisting the tubing.  Continue reading

High PPI testing

Laptops, CRT, certain LCD desktop monitors and smartphones are capable of high PPI. This page tests this by displaying images at a smaller than their native size. That means if you open this page on a high PPI device next to a normal 96 PPI one, there will be a difference of sharpness and detail. You can try it out on “normal” monitors by using the page zoom in your browser. Zoom in to 200% and you should clearly see the diffierence in the images. The logo of my site is also higher resolution than displayed.

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