XSPC RayStorm angled leds and braided sleeving

XSPC RayStorm with braided sleeving

If I use 3/8″ x 1/2″ compression fittings  I can fit 5/16″ ID, 7/16″ OD (8mm ID, 11mm OD) Tygon tubing and non-fray braided sleeving in them. It creates a clean look, and I can tighten the caps without twisting the tubing. 


XSPC RayStorm LED lights

The led lights and cables are straight and very stiff so they stick out to the sides.


XSPC RayStorm angled LED lights

I removed the sleeving and resoldered the LED diodes at an angle and glued the edges.


XSPC RayStorm y split solder

The cable is shortened on one end and resoldered in a y split.


XSPC RayStorm LED mod done and tidy

The cable is sleeved with the rest of the sleeve, shrinked and tidy.


The XSPC RayStorm is one of the best CPU watercooling blocks with excellent flow rate and cooling results. I use BSCC025-BK size 1/4 non-fray braided sleeving,  5/16″ ID, 7/16″ OD (8mm ID, 11mm OD) Tygon tubing and Bitspower Ultimate G 1/4 thread 3/8″ ID x 1/2″ OD compression fittings
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4 Responses to XSPC RayStorm angled leds and braided sleeving

  1. oh, i’ve ordered 200ft of 550lb Paracord for my slenvieg, $18 altogether but it was on ebay, and taking a while to come. I’m, poor, lol.Btw, what parts are you getting for your build?

  2. Hey, really nice work combining sleeving with tygon tubing, looks realy cool. I heard a lot of good things about tygoon Noprene but some forums claim they don’t work too well with compression fittings.
    I’m Considering Tygon R3603 for my next build… just wondering did you have any problems with leaks or the tubes coming off of the compression fittings easily?


    • Thank you! No, no problems with leaks or tubing thats coming off yet, also on my previous build where I only used the tubing.

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