Target spying on their customers

Target logoBad Corporate culture, or a handy reminder? At least the customers should know about this, and have the option to “opt-in” to this “service.”

– Using data to predict a woman’s pregnancy, Target realized soon after Pole perfected his model, could be a public-relations disaster. So the question became: how could they get their advertisements into expectant mothers’ hands without making it appear they were spying on them? How do you take advantage of someone’s habits without letting them know you’re studying their lives?

DVD anti-piracy warnings

DVD movie anti-piracy warnings are very threatening and blows the entire piracy act out of proportions. People cannot take this as a serious warning. And the video usually claims it is stealing. This is incorrect, the proper term is copyright infringement.  Stealing is a term for relieving someone of their physical property. A US court said it was wrong to call copyright infirngment stealing. You break someones monopoly of their work.

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