DVD anti-piracy warnings

DVD movie anti-piracy warnings are very threatening and blows the entire piracy act out of proportions. People cannot take this as a serious warning. And the video usually claims it is stealing. This is incorrect, the proper term is copyright infringement.  Stealing is a term for relieving someone of their physical property. A US court said it was wrong to call copyright infirngment stealing. You break someones monopoly of their work.

They should find a good alternative to movie piracy like they have with iTunes and Steam. A solution where you can easily download and store your movies and access them on other devices, without being called a thief and murderer each time you play the movie. I am not being threatened of five years in prison each time I start up a game, turn on my music. It feels good supporting game developers and publishers, but not the movie industry’s propaganda. It is pure FUD.

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