Lacie CRT monitor


This is my 19.7″ viewable lacie CRT monitor. I still use it because it is superiour in many was to LCD monitors.

CRT are good for

  • no sample-and-hold smearing
  • high refresh rate
  • good contrast
  • no backlight bleeding
  • viewing angles, colors doesnt shift on the bottom of the display
  • any resolution is native resolution
  • good for old games
  • match HZ with gameupdate rate
  • no input lag
  • pixel response time
  • no RTC artifacts


LCD are good for

  • flat and sleek and sweet
  • low power draw
  • environmentally friendlier LED technology
  • sharp and crisp text and graphics
  • perfect geometry
  • limited to 60Hz or 75Hz refresh rate


However, pixels response time, input lag and 60Hz refresh have been greatly improved lately. It is these so called “3D Ready” displays that have really pushed these limits. The best of them have 2ms pixel response time and zero input lag. 120Hz is required. This means we can finally get CRT performance on LCD displays. super! I plan on buying a LG W2363D as it seems to be the best of them. It has zero input lag, is matte and goodish black levels.


120Hz greatly improves mouse precision.


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