Steam vs Origin UI responsiveness

Steam vs Origin UI responsivenessSteam vs Origin UI responsiveness test. I noticed Steam was slightly jerky to use, and I compared it to a similar program. Both are digital distribution services for PC games, but one is coded more natively to Windows (Origin) and the other more open source WebKit (Steam).




Download this video to view it in your favorite media player:

High quality 1080p MP4 | Medium quality 720p MP4 | Low quality 480p MP4


Delays in the user interaction negatively affects the user experience. I hope Valve manages to improve the UI response, as I rather prefer Steam over Origin :p and also prefer open source. This is easier to notice in real life than on a 30fps video, and even easier on a 120Hz monitor.

Maybe they can use Direct2D, Firefox, IE9 and Opera Next does, and they have awesome smoothness in web content. Try Firefox 12 or IE9 on some HTML5 tests:

System  specifications:

  • Windows 7 64bit SP1
  •  120Hz LCD monitor
  • GeForce GTX 580
  • Core i7 3930K 4.7GHz
  • 15GB ram

(i know big specs but i just upgraded my six years old PC)

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