Home Assistant and Fibaro Home Center 2 leaving and arriving scene like Deus Ex HR (4K60 HDR)

Here I demonstrate how the heating are turned down, lights off and roller blinds down when I leave home. I use two Smart Home systems to do this; The first is Fibaro Home Center 2 and the second is a Home Assistant Blue.

The two talk to each other and compliments well. I believe there is much potential in a smart home and look forward to Amazon, Apple and Google cooperation on the Matter project.

Unfortunately Z-Wave (Fibaro) is still a competing standard and might turn obsolete soon.

I use the Home Assistant Companion app on my phone and when it detects I’m connected or disconnected to home WiFi it runs an automation which in turn runs an arriving or leaving scene on my Fibaro HC2. If you encounter WiFi bouncing you can set a delay in the HASS automation but it’s not perfect.

It looks a bit like the scene in Deus Ex Human Revolution where the blinds raise when Adam Jensen come home.

This is the Fibaro Home Center 2 scene that turns down the heat and shuts off lights.

And this is the Home Assistant automation.

Here is the image I used as wallpaper on my phone:


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