A small gain in big media profits is not worth the amount of censorship, control and surveilance ACTA will bring. The Internet has a huge democratic value and must stay like this. Fundamental rights have been traded for commercial interests.




Sharing digital artwork is not theft, and never will be. But it is copyright infringement and that is illegal in most countries and immoral. If you download an MP3 without permission you are downloading communism.


Jack Valenti, who was the head lobbyist for the Motion Picture Association of America, once likened the ferocious video cassette recorder to Jack the Ripper and poor, helpless Hollywood to a woman at home alone. That was the level of rethoric.

Most content are created and shared not by google, or yahoo, but but us the users. With PIPA, SOPA and ACTA, we are the ones that are getting policed. They take an ages old legal concept, innocent until proven guilty and reversing it. You can’t share, until you show us that you are sharing something we don’t like. We’re treated as thieves, at every moment we’re given the freedom to create, to produce or to share.


Big media is actually just as bad as pirates.

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But still, please buy the music, movies and games you like to play. If you buycott, big media will just blame pirates.

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