HDMI dummy signal generator for X-Fi HomeTheater HD

HDMI dummy signal snuggle logoI bought a cheap media player with HDMI output capability, and it works perfectly with the Auzentech X-Fi HomeTheater HD. Without you would have to provide the dummy signal from you graphics card, and that meant having an emtpy screen area your mouse could dissapear to. Since the hdmi signal is always on, this solution has the added benefit that you hear the Windows startup and logon sounds. I have not yet tested DTS, DD or DTS Master HD.

The media player I used is a BaiYuYi Mini Hdmi Media Player. An Altona AT-HDVIEW should work and the Raspberry Pi. The BaiYuYi does not turn off the display or shut down after a certain time, it is on all the time.

Warning: this media player does not support HDCP so you won’t be able to pass-through DTS-MA or DD TrueHD, but you can decode the audio with the player and send uncompressed 8 channel PCM through. 


Preliminary tests are successful


HDMI dummy signal box change to molex plug

The power supply is 5v, so I can use the PC’s powersupply by soldering on a molex plug

  HDMI dummy signal cable done and testing 5v supply

 Testing the cable, it works well so far!

HDMI dummy signal snuggle

The box is small enough to snuggle up under the X-Fi HomeTheater soundcard


HDMI dummy signal complete

 Done, now lets see if it works


HDMI dummy signal generator working multichannel 7.1

 It works!

 Desktop dummy monitor

Now a desktop with dummy has become…


Desktop no dummy monitor

…a desktop without


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