Hello. Welcome to a swift breefing on the Windows 2000 OS. I hope you will enjoy your stay and my screenshots

The logo says NT 5.0, that's what Microsoft first called this OS. Later they changed it to Windows 2000, with the Professional, Server and Advanced Server. Supposedly in March 2000, they'll get Datacenter Server ready

This is a slide-show, but you can also go directly to a shot with the links at the bottom. First, I'll show you the Task Manager

I have re-snapped the images with a new scheme that makes things look less 3-D

NT 5.0 - Task Manager - Priorities - Control Panel - Start Menu - Effects - Fade In Action
Moving Objects - Clicking My Computer - Computer Management - Disk Management
Disk Defragmenter - Voodoo2 - Speaker Setup - Device Manager - Internet Dialup