Lightwave 3D Gallery
B&W Speakers modeled and rendered in Lightwave 4.5
They are actually not finished, missing some
details and one or two speaker elements.
A high-res render of my X-Box animation, modeled
and rendered in Lightwave[6].
Maybe I'll post that one online too one day.
We'll see.
As a parody on the X-Files, I chose to use the
infamous nick-name Q-Jon. There might be a coinsidence
that my name acutally is Jon too.
Another snap-shot of the X-Box animation.
Coming a long rather nicely I think,
I might even win a price.
Those very useful accessories on TV-Shop has
inspired me this time. I present to you
HyperClean(TM) 3000, the mop that does it all.
I bought it to get a reference model to go after.