It should be considered normal or even mandatory to have admin rights in order to INSTALL software. However, many programs require admin in order to merely RUN correctly. Users not having admin rights should be able to run all software which should have NO reason to write anything into the system space. If VISTA users don't run as admin, much of their existing software will be useless and these users will not take kindly to have to buy new or upgraded versions. The will blame MS, saying: "my favorite program xx ran just fine under XP on my old computer and now, on this new system it crashes each time. It must be MS fault and this new OS/Computer!" Most users will likely get VISTA on their shiny new PC from Best Buy etc. They will storm back into these stores, mad as hornets, complaining that most if not all of their favorite programs don't run on this expensive, new, be all, end all fancy computer they just took home a week ago or so. MS may realize this, and as usual choose compatibility at the expense of security and ship VISTA setup with admin user accounts. Then of course, malware will still be able to stealthily invade the fancy new machines and make them part of the millions of zombie networks on the Internet.