Huuge forehead haha :D

Huuge forehead haha 😀

Hi! This is me, I like GOA (have a listen, more here) and japananimation (ooohh matrix).

Name: Krischnov and Polder call me Jånny, I think thats because I say stupid things every now and then, that makes them go “oh man…”

Nicks: Gambler FEX online / DarkUltra / Klumpo

Some friends of mine:

This is Espen. I grew up with him as a neighbor. We still play PC games together every now and then.


Morten. I played a lot of 2v2 Starcraft Brood Wars with him. Good times. You can also see my dear cat Leonal sitting and watching him 🙂


 Kristian and Martin. AKA Polder and Tigergutt. Very cool guys.


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  2. Hey,

    I noticed you got Likfisken’s Super Double Dragon Stage 4 on your youtube account.

    I still have his Final Fight video as well. You want it, so you can upload that too?

    Contact me. Let’s restore the original Likfisken discography!



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